Call for Submissions Yearbook of Lettering 2023/24

After six successful editions of the typeface compendium Yearbook of Type, we are now starting a new series of books dedicated to lettering: The Yearbook of Lettering #1. It will be published in spring 2023 and will present the best of lettering from all over the world, from traditional calligraphy to street art and graffiti—in the form of a clear, comprehensive compendium.

Each individual artist in the Yearbook of Lettering will be presented on at least one page. It will show a visual with a detailed view of their artwork. We will develop a design that leaves room to showcase the lettering work, the specific style, materials, and technique. The pages will also feature some short facts: background information about the artist, style, materials, and contact information.

The catalog is followed by an index of all the included artists arranged alphabetically. An essay section offers sketches, background knowledge, technical information, instructions, and descriptions from the world of lettering and the different styles and technics.

The presentation of the artworks in the book serve both graphic designers and agencies as a source of inspiration and can be a big help for clients selecting the right artist and style. As a catalog and reference work, the Yearbook of Lettering will also be of interest to all those who are interested in the contemporary world of lettering and all kinds of written art.

We are looking forward to our first edition with you!

Conditions for Participation

It is possible to book one page or up to three spreads! The presented artworks may not have been published earlier than 2018. Artworks can be submitted via our website until December 4th, 2022.

Are you an author in the field of lettering and art? We also accept submissions for essays and advertorials by mail.

To produce a book like this costs a lot of money. We are convinced that it is sustainable and offers real added value, so we try to make it affordable for as many people as possible. Therefore, and in order to produce high quality, we ask the participants of the book to cross-fund their participation with a small production cost contribution (even then, there will be a selection). This is intentionally kept low, in order to allow many artists—and especially young ones—to take part and only generates a small part of the total costs of such a project. Moreover, each participant can order one printed book in return for free (+ shipping).

It is especially important to us to give a young generation of lettering artists access to participation. This is why we offer students (proof required) a 50% discount on the regular price. The quality of the submitted work will be reviewed by a curational board of professional lettering artists.

Please note that we reserve the right to reject submissions if they do not meet our quality standards (technical aspects, originality, extension, context, etc.). We want to ensure a constant quality of content. Therefore we check every application carefully and get back to you with personal feedback.

Early Bird rate (EB) (incl. VAT) available until November 13th, 2022
Regular rate (R) (incl. VAT) available until December 4th, 2022
1 page: € 99.– (EB) / € 109.– (R)
2 pages / 1 spread: € 179.– (EB) / € 199.– (R)
4 pages / 2 spreads: € 329.– (EB) / € 359.– (R)
6 pages / 3 spreads: € 489.– (EB) / € 529.– (R)

Get detailed information about the book, special rates for multiple spreads in combination with all Slanted online features, and our media reach from this PDF.

HOW TO reserve and book a space:
1. Send an email to [email protected] with the number of spreads you would like to book and links or samples of the artworks, so we can review them and get back to you.
2. Receive a link and pay the submission fee.
3. Now your space is booked. We’ll get in touch with more information about the upload.
4. Upload the requested files and information until December 4th, 2022 (latest!) and you will be guided step-by-step through the process.